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Summer Wedding Style

It’s finally that time of year when the flowers start to bloom, the pastel color palette begins to pop up in fashion publications and the wedding invitations begin to flood our mailboxes. There are a few things that make the occasional uninvited summer shower a little more bearable- and topping the list (well, at least the Nissa Jewelry staff’s list) is the abundance of opportunities to justify a shopping trip. Who can contest the buying of a new outfit for your attendance to an upcoming tying of the proverbial “knot”?

 Let’s be honest, weddings are one of the few outlets you have catch up with your “long lost friends” from your childhood days and blow away your high school nemesis with your effortless elegance and eye-catching accessories. Here at Nissa Jewelry, we’re all about making a killer first impression after a few decades apart and therefore, have compiled a go to guide for the most appropriate and appealing of summer wedding styles.

 Check out what we’d be sporting in our ideal wardrobe world via Pinterest and get inspired by our Polyvore board which shows how to add a little vintage-appeal to your summer wedding style with some of our favorite Nissa gems! Cheers to you being, the best-dressed guest, and leaving even the bride blue with envy;)