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Friday Faves

It’s the first weekend of December, so here are some things to get your month rolling!  We hope everyone had a wonderful week.  Happy weekend!







Autumn Essentials

Like the seasons, style and trends transform. As the colors of the leaves change from cool greens to warm oranges and red it’s a sign to start playing with the new fall trends. After stalking Fall 2013 runway, we have compiled the most essential pieces you will need to captivate this fall. From shoes, gloves, coats, skirts and lipstick— it’s all here for your taking! 

Let us know your favorite essentials! 



National Flip-Flop Day: Keep Calm and Flop On

One of the only things that can improve upon the fact that it is finally Friday (wahoo!) is that we had (okay.. maybe we gave ourselves) a reason to sport our most fun and funkiest flip flops to the studio today in honor of National Flip Flop Day! While we can’t deny that our brightly colored rubber footwear were getting us stares during our commute this morning, we took the looks with pride and returned them with slight smirks- haters (in polished leather loafers and painfully high heels) gonna hate;)

While we sat around the studio discussing various flip-flop ‘flashbacks’ (does anyone else remembering sporting them in the showers back in college when it was ‘dangerous’ to go in barefoot, HA) we thought what better way to conclude the work week then an unconventional and creative craft!? Immediately the design table became overwhelmed with glue, needles, some of the staff’s most favorited beads and embellishment and of course, our fabulously-fluorescent footgear. 

Feast your eyes upon how the Nissa Jewelry crew transformed their stereotypical summer slip-ons into first-class fashions..

Laetitia, from our ‘PR’ department, breezed through the craft in less than twenty minutes, utilizing the classic ‘glue and tie’ method, creating a pretty spiffy design:
Next, Allison, representing the ‘Marketing’ team, pulled out the needle and thread- and doing what she does best- sewed those suckers on! Her flip-flops turned out fantastic as well:

Third times a charm, right? Emily, from our “Design” divison, showed most of the staff up with her innovative approach to the flip-flop challenge- decking out her sunshine yellow footwear with a detachable accessories! The epitome of flip-flop fabulousness, her creation triples as foot jewelry, an anklet, and a necklace!

Lastly, our “Business Operations” superstar, Ellina, took a page (and a little assistance) from Emily’s book and also composed a multi-functional design! She spruced up her classic white pair with some scrap chain and metal pieces that detach in order to create not only a necklace and a bracelet but also an awesome anklet! Behold, the product of team-work at it’s finest over here at the studio:) 

Obviously, we’re celebrating National Flip Flop Day over here at the studio in style and honestly, our crew can’t compliment this craft enough (not to mention it was fun to see everyone’s personalities come out in this ‘speedy’ and simple DIY)! If you’re looking for a special way to spend your lazy Saturday why not call up some sidekicks, bring out the snacks and flop on?