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Friday Faves

This Friday we are bringing you our favorite Pinterest finds from this week! Enjoy and happy weekend!








How-Tuesday: Closet Organization

All of us wish we could have a closet as organized as the ones we see on Pinterest, but in reality, nobody has time for that! That said, with a few helpful tricks and tips, your closet can go from chaotic clutter to polished and put-together, which will make deciding what to wear at least a little easier! 


1. A shoe organizer can save space and reduce clutter! We love how this one from the Container Store attaches to your closet door. 

2. Sick of all your silky blouses sliding off your hangers and into a crumpled heap on the floor? Invest in velvet hangers—problem solved!

3. Storage cubes are great alternative to drawers for storing sweaters and t-shirts. You can actually see what you have so you won’t forget about a top that’s tucked out of sight. 

4. If you’re pressed for space, shelf dividers can help you make the most of what room you’ve got. They keep things looking neat and allow you to fit more items on a shelf than you might have been able to otherwise. 

5.  Coat racks are awesome because they are so versatile! Aside from the more traditional use, they’re great for storing belts, scarves and even jewelry! 


1. Closet organizers (like this one) are your friend! They come with built-in shelves and racks that give you tons of extra storage space. 

2. Keep the things you wear often readily accessible so you don’t have to go rummaging around the back of your closet to find your favorite pair of jeans! If your space is extra small, store out of season clothes and hang only the items you need. Group your clothes by both color and style so you can see exactly what you have. 

3. Let’s face it, sharing a closet can be rough. If you have a shared space, invest in a tower of drawers to create division between the two sets of clothes so there is no question about what belongs where. 

4. Last but not least, keep your closet well-lit! A little bit of light can go along way when it comes to keeping things organized and ensuring that all your clothes get the spotlight they deserve! 



Trimming the tree… with trinkets!


Each holiday has it’s quintessential “icons”- Halloween owns the pumpkin, Easter is all about the colorfully decorated eggs and no Christmas would be complete without a tree to put wonderfully-wrapped presents under. Here at the studio, we are all in agreement that one of the easiest ways to ensure a happy holiday is to start celebrating early. Yep, that’s right- we are the epitome of “those people” who turn on the Christmas tunes before ‘Black Friday’ has begun and can be found discussing holiday party themes before most people have even pondered possible presents for their loved ones. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our office is glowing with Christmas spirit from wall to wall.. and has been for quite some time now:) 

This year, we took it upon ourselves to inject a little ‘Nissa Jewelry’ into our decorations and- after staring at our smile-inducing trinket-trimmed tree for a couple weeks now- we felt compelled to share our awesomely a-typical creation with you! Nissa Jewelry is known for it’s eclectic re-imagining of forgotten vintage pieces and thus, we said ‘so long’ to ordinary ornaments and instead, incorporated aspects of us into the adorning-process. The result? A beautifully charming tree that incorporates the ‘uptown sophistication’ and ‘downtown edge’ that characterizes each of our brilliantly handmade baubles… 


As you can see from the photos above, we used various styles of gold and silver chain to compliment the classic white lights. To add to the aesthetic appeal while still sticking with the tree’s ‘simplistic’ style, we hung wire hook earrings from it’s branches. The gold dangly pairs provide a bold statement when viewing the icon from afar while the various-sized pearl earrings lay the foundation for a fun- yet delicate- take on the average run-of-the-mill ornament. We didn’t stop there… what tree would be complete without a shining statement up top? 


Our Angel Wing Necklace provided a perfect starting point for our one-of-a-kind tree topper. We concluded the creative craft by incorporating some leftover chain to detail the angel’s gown and lastly, used a bold jewel for her head! Yeah, a colorful bow would have sufficed but our twenty minutes spent on the above ‘beaut ensured that the tree sincerely stood for the studio’s holiday spirit. 

Just as Nissa reinvents vintage treasures in her creation of our jewelry line’s curiously creative collection, we encourage you to put your unique spin on this season’s most iconic decorations… the options are actually endless! 

If our a-typical take on ‘trimming the tree’ left you eager to find ways to inject your personality into your home this holiday, check out our "Eclectically Embellished Holiday" Pinterest board. We are hopeful that perusing the pins will not only provide you with the perfect platform for inspiration but will also perpetuate our mission over here at the studio of spreading significant amounts of Christmas cheer:) We wish you the healthiest and happiest of holidays and sincerely can’t wait to see what you craft up!



DIY- Friendship Bracelets!

Yesterday when we were perusing Pinterest we came across the a quote that was particularly meaningful- “wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world”. It took us back as we began reminiscing about the good ‘ole days with our greatest of girl friends- where the heck would we be without them? Theres something to be said about a person that you know you can call up at any moment of the day and know they will hear you out- whether you need to vent, need reassurance, or simply just want to smile.

In our bustling and busy lives it is very easy to take these types of friendships for granted and we want to change this habitual behavior! Thus, in honor of ‘National Friendship Day’ (this Sunday), we have created a tutorial for bright and bold best friend bracelets. In your down time this weekend, why not create one for your best gal pal and surprise her with it over Sunday brunch? We promise the DIY is painless and will undoubtedly produce a prize-winning present:) Enjoy! 


1. Take two large friendship bracelets and glue/ sew back one side of each bracelet

2. Attach a jump ring to each of those sides

3. Attach a chain to connect both

4. Add a two other jump rings to the other ends of the friendship bracelets and add  a  clasp to one of them

A Nissa-styled friendship bracelet!



1. Take three friendship bracelets and braid them into one big braid

2. Glue the ends to the back of the braid so they are no longer seen

3. Clip on two jump rings at each end of the braid

4. Attach a small chain to one of the jump rings and a clasp to the other

You have your very own friendship bracelet!

 If you find yourself thrown into ‘friendship fever’ head on over to our "Forever Friends" Pinterest board for some more smile-producing products and pictures:)



Does the current promotion on our skull bracelets have halloween images haunting your head? Then for the love of skulls… check out our inspired Pinterest board!  

Does the current promotion on our skull bracelets have halloween images haunting your head? Then for the love of skulls… check out our inspired Pinterest board




And the winner of our first contest is… the fabulous Kylie Harms! You proved to be a Pinterest superstar and evoked sizable smiles among the staff with your storyboard inspired by our Aventine Earrings! We’ll be in touch and will send out your earrings this afternoon:)Don’t get discouraged if you weren’t the winner of free Nissa Jewelry this week- your next opportunity starts tomorrow morning when we launch contest numero dos! Get excited!

And the winner of our first contest is… the fabulous Kylie Harms! You proved to be a Pinterest superstar and evoked sizable smiles among the staff with your storyboard inspired by our Aventine Earrings! We’ll be in touch and will send out your earrings this afternoon:)

Don’t get discouraged if you weren’t the winner of free Nissa Jewelry this week- your next opportunity starts tomorrow morning when we launch contest numero dos! Get excited!



Summer Wedding Style

It’s finally that time of year when the flowers start to bloom, the pastel color palette begins to pop up in fashion publications and the wedding invitations begin to flood our mailboxes. There are a few things that make the occasional uninvited summer shower a little more bearable- and topping the list (well, at least the Nissa Jewelry staff’s list) is the abundance of opportunities to justify a shopping trip. Who can contest the buying of a new outfit for your attendance to an upcoming tying of the proverbial “knot”?

 Let’s be honest, weddings are one of the few outlets you have catch up with your “long lost friends” from your childhood days and blow away your high school nemesis with your effortless elegance and eye-catching accessories. Here at Nissa Jewelry, we’re all about making a killer first impression after a few decades apart and therefore, have compiled a go to guide for the most appropriate and appealing of summer wedding styles.

 Check out what we’d be sporting in our ideal wardrobe world via Pinterest and get inspired by our Polyvore board which shows how to add a little vintage-appeal to your summer wedding style with some of our favorite Nissa gems! Cheers to you being, the best-dressed guest, and leaving even the bride blue with envy;)



Contest One: Score Free Jewelry!

We simply want you to create a storyboard on Pinterest spotlighting one of the three items below. The creative genius behind the Pinterest board we like the best will receive the Nissa trinket they featured for free! 

Your inspiration board should depict your take on the personality of the piece:

  • Who would wear it? 
  • What would they wear it with? 
  • Where would they where it? 

The pin possibilities are endless! 

The ‘skinny’:

  1. Repin your favorite piece from our Contest One board on our Pinterest page and make it the cover photo of your storyboard. 
  2. Please ensure your storyboard has at least 10 pins but no more than 50. 
  3. Contest One has been extended and now will end Friday, June 15th at 5pm. We will announce the winner next week by tagging them in a Facebook post- so make sure you have ‘liked’ our page.

Have any questions or concerns? Just shoot us a Facebook message and we will get back to within the hour:)

Happy pinning and we can’t wait to see what you create! 



Contest One: Calling All Pinterest Addicts

We’ve got a fresh new idea that we think will add a little extra fun to your Fridays:) Starting today, we will be launching contests bi-weekly that will allot you, our loyal customers, the opportunity to win some free Nissa Jewelry trinkets while dabbling in some of the most popular social media outlets! 

Contest One is shining the light on one of our guiltiest pleasures- Pinterest! The idea is quite simple: choose from the three featured customer favorites above and create an inspiration board that you feel accurately depicts the personality of the piece: who would wear it? what would they wear it with? where would they wear it? The possibilities for your pins are endless and we want you to run with whatever the Nissa gem inspires inside of you!

We will be choosing the board that stands out to us the most and the savvy ‘styler’ will be sent the Nissa Jewelry piece that they created their board around! So take a break from the monotony that is the workweek, pick your favorite bauble, and get pinning! We can’t wait to see what you all create:)

Ready for the Rules?

  1. We know, it’s hard to pick a favorite but it has to be done:)
    *Please pick only ONE of the three items to create a board for- if we see that you have compiled boards for more than one of the items, you will unfortunately be disqualified! 
  2. We can’t count yours unless its accounted for.
    * The piece you choose MUST be re-pinned from our "Contest One" board on Pinterest or we will not be able to count (let alone find) the creation you spent so long making! Please do not erase or add anything to the caption of the Pin. 
  3. The ‘skinny’ on the board breadth- please, substance over size. 
    *Your board must contain at least 10 pins and no more than 50.
  4. Let’s have the Nissa Jewelry item be the ‘star’ of the show.
    *The trinket you select must be the 'cover photo' of the board.
  5. Obey the time limit.
    Please have your board up by next Thursday, June 14th, by 5pm so that we can start admiring your masterpieces in a timely manner:)

  6. All is FAIR in love and handmade jewelry:)
    Again, just to reinforce our most important rule- please pick only your favorite piece to create a board around. If we see that you have created a board for more than one of this week’s items we will regrettably have to disqualify you and we really don’t want to have to do that! 

We will be announcing the winner of the best board (and free bauble) on Facebook so please make sure you have 'liked' our page! If we can’t tag you in the “winner” post, we will move onto the next best.

Time to head to our contest board! Good luck and Happy Pinning!