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Try a little turquoise this Winter..

There’s no denying that the color turquoise popped up in a plethora of designer runway looks earlier this year- causing quite the fashion frenzy. As blue’s more-modern cousin, the color quickly became a staple for clothing and jewelry and made a name for itself as one of the year’s most followed fashion trends. While designers like Vera Wang and Tory Burch embraced the use of the popular pantone color in some of their most recent collections, many are still under the impression that the hue finds it’s home in the Spring and Summer seasons specifically…

False. Today we are embarking on mission: ‘show how turquoise can be embraced even in the coldest of months’:) Through styling our popular Casablanca Jeweled Necklace for three different cold-weather occasions, we hope that you’re inspired to add a pop of color to your upcoming ensembles by embracing one of the most brilliant shades of blue.

In our opinion it’s always fun (and helpful!) to peruse how fashion icons are styling our pieces to fire up our outfit-putting together endeavors…

The versatility of the necklace- a favorite of Kourtney Kardashian and Giuliana Rancic- can be seen in the variety of necklines that it is featured on above. Quite simply, the raved about bauble can add pizzaz to more than you think- allowing you to be picture-perfect from your sandal-wearing lazy Summer afternoons to your cozy mornings crouched over the fire on the coldest days of December. Not convinced yet? Well, let us show you a few more looks…

  • Outfit one- If you want to stand out at your next holiday party, why not let the conversation piece stand on it’s own? By providing a simple yet intriguing foundation for the accessory- through a leather shift dress (a staple with a twist.. remember our last fashion-centered blog post?!) and a classic pair of black kitten heels- the turquoise will be turning heads as soon as you check your coat!
  • Outfit two- There’s something to be said about a necklace that can help you make a fashion statement even when it is ‘sweater-weather’. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns like we did here by adding the silver staple to an otherwise ‘everyday’ ensemble. 
  • Outfit three- One of our favorite attributes regarding this season’s most talked about fashion trends is that designers are absolutely not afraid to call on all hues of the color spectrum to add some smile-inducing styles to their Fall/Winter collections. By pairing our Casablanca Jeweled Necklace with knee-high boots and  a dress in the same color-family as the statement piece’s turquoise stones, the ensemble effortlessly becomes a winter-ready look:)

When it comes down to it, you simply have to trust your instinct when accessorizing with a traditionally season-specific staple item. As we have said before, in the long run, there’s nothing better than investing in jewelry that can be worn year-round. By purchasing pieces which incorporate always-aesthetically appealing textures and hues- like our terrific friend turquoise- your ensemble possibilities will increase exponentially and we promise… your fashion-centered compliments will be positively correlated ;) As it gets colder, have some fun with the champion colors of the 2012 and keep your ears open regarding the next happy hue coming up on the catwalk! 



Female-friendly Football

Two days from now many of us will be waking up to the splendid smell of pumpkin pie and the most amazing aroma of hot apple cider. Thanksgiving 2012 is upon us and while we’re bracing our palettes for the plethora of savory side dishes we will be charged with choosing from, the men in our lives- while thankful for the tasty treats- will inevitably be watching the tube from the table. If your household is anything like ours, someone (cough, cough Grandma) will surely demand that the games be muted which in turn will cause the guys to frantically fill their stomachs and claim they are ‘full’ within the first five minutes of the feast. All of this in the name of ‘America’s favorite pastime’?

Some ladies will be happily left to indulge in the sumptuous supply of snacks while others will join in on the football fun. While theres a strong possibility that we will be making our way upstairs to partake in the magnificence that is a mid-afternoon nap, we’ll most definitely be dreaming about the Redskins, Cowboys, Pats- and the other three teams that our family members will be screaming about somewhere in the house. Seeing that our subconscious will be consumed with the sounds of game, our inner football-fashionistas will emerge and be dressed so fittingly that we’ll surprise ourselves by our commendable-degree of color coordination;) What will we be wearing you ask? Well, it all depends on what time of the day it is and what team we’re rooting for…

The Texans and the Lions kick of the day of Football at 12:30pm EST, providing for a very patriotic combination of colors! 

Later in the day, the Redskins take on the Dallas Cowboys- we can’t wait to see which team reigns supreme in this traditional Thanksgiving matchup! 

The football fun concludes with the Pats pairing up against the Jets shortly after 8pm EST. We’ll be loving on all the leftovers as we slip into our football-fueled fashions. 

While this Thursday will be a day of football and food- the anticipation of the ‘family and friends factor’- is what has us most excited. Sure, we’re already salivating thinking of the perfectly prepared pecan pie, but most of all, we can’t wait to be surrounded by our loving and caring support system- the people in our lives that we are most thankful for. We hope that you have a safe holiday filled with savory dishes, superfluous amounts of smiles and of course, the most applicable array of game-day apparel:)



Season-proof Styling

Do you ever have those days where you walk into your closest- with the intention of putting together an awesome ensemble- yet find yourself simply staring at your sweaters and shirts? If you’re anything like us, the infamous ‘I have nothing to wear’ statement emerges and instead of smiling at your plethora of potential outfits you struggle to put together even one stylish solution. Well, we are here to prove that transitioning your Summer-staples into the new (and slightly colder) season isn’t as arduous as it sometimes appears to be.

Our trick? Investing in a few versatile, ‘never-go-out-of-style’ pieces. By keeping your eyes peeled for classic items with a unique twistyou can slowly build a broad array of equally wearable and interesting options. Take the go-to skinny jean for example. By buying a colored pair- rather than the normal denim blue- you exponentially expand your outfit choices and your collection of compliments;) Emma from our Marketing team swears by her forest green jeans- a color that is just as fun in the Summer as it is in the Fall…

  • Outfit one- By styling the skinny jeans with knee-high leather boots (another wardrobe staple) and a chunky sweater, the pants flawlessly become a part of a fabulous fall look.
  • Outfit two- If you’re looking for a warm weekday look, throw on a simple tee and a pair of comfortable flats! 
  • Outfit three-  When you have to worry about the weather, skinny jeans are a no-brainer. The green denim adds a unique touch to the otherwise ‘regular’ rainy day outfit. 
  • Outfit four- We can’t get enough of fur this Fall! The versatile circle scarf effortlessly compliments Emma’s favorite leather jacket while still allowing the colored pants to speak for themselves!

While it’s ever-important to perpetually grow your apparel inventory, the outfits above prove that accessories can also add an interesting appeal to an everyday ensemble! Above, Emma sports her favorite Nissa bauble, the Franklin Cuff,  with each of her four looks. Just as the green skinny jeans fit into each style, the vintage-inspired bracelet from our Liberty Collection will forever be in fashion.  

By acquiring classic pieces that feature unique points of differentiation- your daily ‘dressing decision’ will easily become one of your favorite parts of the day, behind dessert of course;) Still find yourself puzzled regarding how to transform your Summer staple into a Fall fashion? Head over to our Facebook page and post a picture of your ‘problem’ piece- we’ll do our best to relieve your headache:)



We hope that you enjoyed our Embellished Sunglasses DIY yesterday! If you’re not quite sure how to style your new shades check out the Polyvore outfit that we created yesterday…

We hope that you enjoyed our Embellished Sunglasses DIY yesterday! If you’re not quite sure how to style your new shades check out the Polyvore outfit that we created yesterday…



Let your ‘freak flag’ fly this Friday!

Just when you thought that the bizzare holidays that we uncover (hope everyone enjoyed ‘Paper Bag’ Day yesterday!) couldn’t get any stranger the clock strikes midnight and rings in “Embrace Your Geekness” Day! It is indeed Friday the 13th but over here at the studio we have chosen not to give into superstitions (even though we’ve knocked on wood at least 5 times already…) and instead are letting the ‘geek chic’ in us rule the day! 

Not going to lie, we haven’t quite broken out the pocket protectors nor wrapped tape around our the middle of our eye glasses but we’ve have gotten a kick out of paroozing old photos of our team back in the ‘awkward’ days. Everyone has those pictures that you would rather close your hand in a door then let anyone in the world see- the ones that people who don’t even know you laugh at simply because they can’t fathom a more noticeably uncomfortable-with-themselves human being?! Well, it’s your lucky day because we have compiled some of those blackmail-esk kodak moments of our staff for you on this lovely Friday because we’re choosing to ‘embrace our geekness’ this holiday rather than deny it:) Prepare yourselves…

Firstly, feast your eyes on Emma from our Marketing team back in her pin-wearing, chubbier days… 

Next, Allison, our resident Photoshop extraordinaire and one of the only people who can dress up as a nerd and still look stunning..

Up next is the lovely Ellina, from our Operations department, loving in on her plastic ice cream cone, we don’t ask questions.. haha

Alas, not one but two old-school pictures of Nissa herself! Plese note the ‘Dorothy Hamilll’ haircut (she would like to personally thank her mother for that one)..
yup… that happened

"big hair, don’t care"

Not ready to fully fly your ‘freak flag’? Do not fear! We have you covered! We compiled some of our favorite pieces into a ‘geek chic’ board so you can look nifty even on your nerdiest days! 

See the ‘dweeby diva’ inspired ensemble we put together on Polyvore with a few of the pieces above:)  



Check out how we are styling our new and improved flip flops! 

Check out how we are styling our new and improved flip flops



We ❤ ‘arm parties’ (and Polyvore)!  

We ❤ ‘arm parties’ (and Polyvore)!  



A Wicked Date Night

Alas, it is Rebecca Black’s favorite day of the week, Friday, which inevitably means the business blazers are coming off and the stilettos slipped on! Saturday stands for one thing in our book- sleeping in- and therefore, the possibilities for tonight’s endeavors are endless.

Living in a city can overwhelm you with options of where to spend your time (and money) but we have encountered very few who can deny the appeal of cozying up next to some of your favorite friends, splitting an enormous tub of popcorn (that if you’re like us, you got suckered into getting because it was “only a dollar more”), and enjoying the current box-office hit. What’s on our radar this week you ask? ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’-the revamped version of the classic fairytale features some of our most adored actresses like Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron and the hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth playing the Huntsman himself.

The PG-13 flick makes no mention of everyone’s seven favorite Disney dwarfs and instead compliments the refreshed and far more grim plot-line with the addition of a new important character in Snow White’s story- an evil queen that wants her dead. In a turn of events, the Huntsman that is dispatched to track down the enchanting beauty begins to train her in the art of war rather than end her life prematurely. We’ll stop there- before we divulge too much and you begin to resent us for no longer giving you a reason to indulge in super-sized sodas and perfectly buttered popcorn- a treat whose simple scent can make us smile with anticipation:) 

We know that we’ll be skipping our way from the studio to the cinema tonight and we can only hope that we see you there:) Check out our “twisted fairytale” themed Polyvore collage below to see what we’ll be wearing and if you’re intrigued by the look, head on over to Pinterest and delve into our darkness-inspired board! 




Allison, one of our savvy summer interns, just put together this fun Pisces-inspired Polyvore board complete with one of our zodiac bracelets (currently featured on Hautelook at a discounted price)- head on over to the sale to snag your sign before it sells out! 

Allison, one of our savvy summer interns, just put together this fun Pisces-inspired Polyvore board complete with one of our zodiac bracelets (currently featured on Hautelook at a discounted price)- head on over to the sale to snag your sign before it sells out!