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Friday Faves

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! In honor of Day of the Dead, this week we are bringing you some of our favorite things inspired by the bright colors and positive spirit of this holiday!








Nissa Inspired Nails

Hooray! It’s already Thursday- meaning theres only one more day until the work week is complete! Yet in light of our influx of sales from our rope bracelets on Good Morning America’s ‘Deals and Steals’ segment on Tuesday (you can still get them at their discounted price until midnight tonight!)- it is undeniable that there is much to do before 6pm on Friday. With that being said, our hour of lunch is always spent taking advantage of the countless outlets o’ procrastination the wonderful world wide web provides us with, most notably and obviously our favorite- (in light of our current contest in which you can score free Nissa Jewelry)- Pinterest! 

Each Nissa member has their favorite board to skim through- our intern Emma joked about how she excessively pinned baked goods to the point that her friends threatened to stop following her- but general consensus at the studio is that our most browsed and beloved board is: “Women’s Apparel”. It is from there that the inspiration for our second ‘Do It Yourself’ activity came about. Recently, we’ve observed that our favorite category has been flooded with the most creative and unique nail art. The alluring artwork caused the gears to start turning in our heads (in addition to eliciting a new found respect for people with enough patience to, for example, intricately depict the most relaxing of days at the beach- with everything from volleyball to kite-flying, haha).

Therefore, we decided to design some nail art around the textures and colors of a couple of our customers’ favorite pieces! Behold, Nissa Jewerly inspired nail art…

First, our Manta Stingray Cuff takes the spotlight:

Next, our ever popular Aventine Earrings in Tribal (which you can win in our contest this week!) take the stage:

Whether you’re a neutral/nude polish kinda girl or get down with the funkiest of nail fashions (…wut?) it’s always fun to experiment with new and fresh ideas. Next time you slip on a trendy arm party or a bold cocktail ring, why not paint on some polish to match? If you need some more inspiration head on over to our ♥ nissa inspired nails’ board on Pinterest to look at some eclectic nail art that reminded us of Nissa Jewelry!