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Fall in Love with this Season’s Hair!

Going with the groove of chocolate this week, we figured that as the fall season rolls around, we would show you some chocolate-inspired hair colors that will look great with your skin tone.  Seeing as how your summer tan has come to an end a change is needed, and it has to be done right!


For those ladies with warm skin (orange, brown, gold, orange-based red), go with a honey brown.  This color will bring a nice glow to your face, and your eyes too (especially if you have hazel eyes or other flecks of color in your brown ones)!



Of course, there’s the women with cool skin tones.  Don’t be confused by the name though, just because you have cool skin tones doesn’t mean you’re blue!  This includes women with green, pink, and blue-based red tones.  If this is you, based on our research, try out an ashy brown.  This doesn’t mean go super dark—it might wash you out!  But an ashy brown is your best bet because it’s a basic color that, if you have bright eyes, will certainly make them pop.


Quick tips?

Go to a salon!  The box dyes have a lot of ammonia.  This will seriously dry out your hair.  At salons, there are even great moisturizing treatments that make your hair feel silky-smooth for extra $20.

Start simple.  If you find yourself caught between two colors, always go with the lighter one—it’s less risky and you can always dye it more if you wish.

Be confident.  Do what makes you feel good, and if it turns out to be not what you were looking for… own it.  Dying your hair gives you a chance to get some new clothes to go with your new look, too!



Contest One: Calling All Pinterest Addicts

We’ve got a fresh new idea that we think will add a little extra fun to your Fridays:) Starting today, we will be launching contests bi-weekly that will allot you, our loyal customers, the opportunity to win some free Nissa Jewelry trinkets while dabbling in some of the most popular social media outlets! 

Contest One is shining the light on one of our guiltiest pleasures- Pinterest! The idea is quite simple: choose from the three featured customer favorites above and create an inspiration board that you feel accurately depicts the personality of the piece: who would wear it? what would they wear it with? where would they wear it? The possibilities for your pins are endless and we want you to run with whatever the Nissa gem inspires inside of you!

We will be choosing the board that stands out to us the most and the savvy ‘styler’ will be sent the Nissa Jewelry piece that they created their board around! So take a break from the monotony that is the workweek, pick your favorite bauble, and get pinning! We can’t wait to see what you all create:)

Ready for the Rules?

  1. We know, it’s hard to pick a favorite but it has to be done:)
    *Please pick only ONE of the three items to create a board for- if we see that you have compiled boards for more than one of the items, you will unfortunately be disqualified! 
  2. We can’t count yours unless its accounted for.
    * The piece you choose MUST be re-pinned from our "Contest One" board on Pinterest or we will not be able to count (let alone find) the creation you spent so long making! Please do not erase or add anything to the caption of the Pin. 
  3. The ‘skinny’ on the board breadth- please, substance over size. 
    *Your board must contain at least 10 pins and no more than 50.
  4. Let’s have the Nissa Jewelry item be the ‘star’ of the show.
    *The trinket you select must be the 'cover photo' of the board.
  5. Obey the time limit.
    Please have your board up by next Thursday, June 14th, by 5pm so that we can start admiring your masterpieces in a timely manner:)

  6. All is FAIR in love and handmade jewelry:)
    Again, just to reinforce our most important rule- please pick only your favorite piece to create a board around. If we see that you have created a board for more than one of this week’s items we will regrettably have to disqualify you and we really don’t want to have to do that! 

We will be announcing the winner of the best board (and free bauble) on Facebook so please make sure you have 'liked' our page! If we can’t tag you in the “winner” post, we will move onto the next best.

Time to head to our contest board! Good luck and Happy Pinning!