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How Tuesday: Circle Skirts & How To Wear Them


We put a few looks together for you to help you start off on the right foot for these brisk, upcoming months.  With circle skirts coming back at full force, these flattering little numbers will have you spinning for joy (really, it’s actually a lot of fun).  Take a look!


This first look is inspired by the oversized grungy look (check out the below picture from fashion week!) with a little hint of glam.  These circle skirts can both be paired with the Cecilia Tweed Necklace and Vida Cuff from Nissa Jewelry.  Add a pair of heels with a business tote to say, “Yeah I keep it casual, and I look good doing it!”



Next we have a more edgy look that takes on another big trend: black and white.  We paired both looks with an edgy pair of flats, checkered pocketbook, and some Nissa Jewelry to add some flair.  With a Georgina Tweed Cuff and a pair of the Pinned Earrings, you’ll be ready to rock out anywhere you go.

We hope this fashion how-to showed you how to wear any sort of circle skirt—you can own the look with a casual/feminine combo look or make take a basic long-sleeved tee and dress it up punk-girl chic.  Happy styling!



Nails and Nissa: A Perfect Gift Combination

We at Nissa love painting our nails as much as the next fashionista, so today we decided to pair together a few of our favorite nail polishes with some of our own fall favorites.  All these nail lacquers can be found online, as can our jewelry! Head to to see for yourself!








Puttin’ on the Spritz

Friends, family, whoever!  This spritz is sure to be a hit during the holiday season!  Whether you’re the host or a guest, this will certainly add a little spice to your festivities.  Enjoy (but not too much)!





And you know what that means, ugly christmas sweater parties!  Why do we love these parties so much?  Because of the food, the friends, and the fun.  All three, particularly around this time of year, always make for light-hearted, spirited conversation.  If you’re planning to have one of these festive events, turn it into a potluck where some people bring samplers, some people bring deserts, and others provide the wine! Maybe make it into an ugly christmas sweater competition!  We’re sure that around this time of year, we all need a little break and a little silliness!



How Tuesday: News Print Nails

Newspapers are not just for reading. They can be a fun design too! Turn your manicure a notch up with these eight easy steps:

image 1. Gather your supplies.

  • Newspaper
  • A small bowl
  • Scissors
  • Q-tips
  • Base coat
  • Topcoat
  • A light colored nail polish
  • Rubbing alcohol

2. Cut ten small rectangular strips of newspaper.

3. Paint your base coat.

4. Once it is dry, apply your nail polish and wait for at least three minutes.

5. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into your bowl and dip your first newspaper strip.

6. After the strip is wet, press the newspaper onto your fingernail. Let it to sit for at least one minute. **If taken off too soon, the print will not fully transfer. Slowly peel off the newspaper print. Continue this step for each nail and allow them to dry.

7. Once they are dry, paint the topcoat to seal the print onto your nail.

8. Viola, you are done! Throw on your Nissa Wavy Rings, and you are ready to go!



How-Tuesday: Arm Parties

Ain’t no party like a Nissa Jewelry Arm Party! If you have no idea where to begin, we have the key pieces for you! All you need are these five simple steps and your wrist to RSVP: 






Photo from:



Autumn Essentials

Like the seasons, style and trends transform. As the colors of the leaves change from cool greens to warm oranges and red it’s a sign to start playing with the new fall trends. After stalking Fall 2013 runway, we have compiled the most essential pieces you will need to captivate this fall. From shoes, gloves, coats, skirts and lipstick— it’s all here for your taking! 

Let us know your favorite essentials! 



A little sun, a little soul during Summer Solstice

To some, Summer Solstice is just another warm summer day. But, in many cultures this holiday is a day to celebrate. Traditionally, this day is known for being the longest day of sunlight. Several countries celebrate this day with festivals and parties. We have decided to give you some tips to have the best Summer Solstice party wherever you live!

First, in Scandinavia many celebrate the Solstice with a festival of flowers, light, food and music. We have crafted a simple, yet dainty DIY floral headband. This can be worn on Summer Solstice or for any summer adventure! Let’s get started!



One: Gather all your materials. (Needle, thread, ruler, scissors, two hair bands and any floral trimming)

Two: Measure the floral trimming to around 17.5 inches.

Three:  Take two hair bands. Place on top of each other.

Four: Pull inside strands outward and pull tight.

Five: Take floral trim and fold end over the first loop of the hair band.

Six: Sew the overlapped floral trim together so the hair band loop is secure. Repeat on the other side.

This is the perfect accessory for any summer look and radiates the Summer Solstice traditions.

To complete your look, check out our new Summer Solstice collection inspired by this radient holiday. 

Here we have our Raw Crystal Necklaces and Vida Long Necklaces to add a bohemian flare to any outfit. 

We were so obsessed with the DIY that we had to create our own take on the floral headband. Pictured here is the Daisy Chain Double Headband and Solstice Double Headband.

The next step to having an illuminating Summer Solstice party is appetizing treats. Lavender is making a comeback and what a tasty one. This untraditional flavor is perfect for any summer party, plus it uses real lavender flowers in the recipe! Get the full recipe for these divine cupcakes here: Be Foodie.


Lastly, you and your guests need to wash down that delicious dessert with a summer drink! What better way to experience the Summer Solstice, but with a Summer Solstice inspired sangria? Here is a simple and tasty treat for all the adults at the party. Get the full recipe at: Love Baked Inn Blog


If the colors don’t grab your attention the taste sure will. This drink will be the talk of the party. The mixtures of colors and flavors magnify the daylong festivities.

Now that you have all the ingredients to an illuminating Summer Solstice party, it’s time to enjoy this beautiful holiday! For even more inspiration for Summer Solstice style and entertaining, check out our Pinterest board. 



Contest Five: Spot the differences!

While we were all sitting around the studio brainstorming a fun new contest for this week, our resident Photoshop pro, Alison brought up a favorite game from her past. Remember back in the day when you were given two pictures- the first very similar to the second yet with a few things added or changed? If you do then get excited and if you don’t then get pumped to finally discover the awesomeness that is the ‘spot the differences’ game! 

Examine the following two pictures and count the number of differences you spot. Yep, it’s that easy! Once you feel that you have found all of the changes we made, comment your guess on our corresponding Facebook post and you’ll be entered to win a pair of our Casablanca earrings (in silver)! 



Remember you must have liked our page in order to be qualified to win and act fast because the first person to post the correct number will score these free earrings:

Good luck and happy hunting:) 



National Flip-Flop Day: Keep Calm and Flop On

One of the only things that can improve upon the fact that it is finally Friday (wahoo!) is that we had (okay.. maybe we gave ourselves) a reason to sport our most fun and funkiest flip flops to the studio today in honor of National Flip Flop Day! While we can’t deny that our brightly colored rubber footwear were getting us stares during our commute this morning, we took the looks with pride and returned them with slight smirks- haters (in polished leather loafers and painfully high heels) gonna hate;)

While we sat around the studio discussing various flip-flop ‘flashbacks’ (does anyone else remembering sporting them in the showers back in college when it was ‘dangerous’ to go in barefoot, HA) we thought what better way to conclude the work week then an unconventional and creative craft!? Immediately the design table became overwhelmed with glue, needles, some of the staff’s most favorited beads and embellishment and of course, our fabulously-fluorescent footgear. 

Feast your eyes upon how the Nissa Jewelry crew transformed their stereotypical summer slip-ons into first-class fashions..

Laetitia, from our ‘PR’ department, breezed through the craft in less than twenty minutes, utilizing the classic ‘glue and tie’ method, creating a pretty spiffy design:
Next, Allison, representing the ‘Marketing’ team, pulled out the needle and thread- and doing what she does best- sewed those suckers on! Her flip-flops turned out fantastic as well:

Third times a charm, right? Emily, from our “Design” divison, showed most of the staff up with her innovative approach to the flip-flop challenge- decking out her sunshine yellow footwear with a detachable accessories! The epitome of flip-flop fabulousness, her creation triples as foot jewelry, an anklet, and a necklace!

Lastly, our “Business Operations” superstar, Ellina, took a page (and a little assistance) from Emily’s book and also composed a multi-functional design! She spruced up her classic white pair with some scrap chain and metal pieces that detach in order to create not only a necklace and a bracelet but also an awesome anklet! Behold, the product of team-work at it’s finest over here at the studio:) 

Obviously, we’re celebrating National Flip Flop Day over here at the studio in style and honestly, our crew can’t compliment this craft enough (not to mention it was fun to see everyone’s personalities come out in this ‘speedy’ and simple DIY)! If you’re looking for a special way to spend your lazy Saturday why not call up some sidekicks, bring out the snacks and flop on?