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DIY- Friendship Bracelets!

Yesterday when we were perusing Pinterest we came across the a quote that was particularly meaningful- “wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world”. It took us back as we began reminiscing about the good ‘ole days with our greatest of girl friends- where the heck would we be without them? Theres something to be said about a person that you know you can call up at any moment of the day and know they will hear you out- whether you need to vent, need reassurance, or simply just want to smile.

In our bustling and busy lives it is very easy to take these types of friendships for granted and we want to change this habitual behavior! Thus, in honor of ‘National Friendship Day’ (this Sunday), we have created a tutorial for bright and bold best friend bracelets. In your down time this weekend, why not create one for your best gal pal and surprise her with it over Sunday brunch? We promise the DIY is painless and will undoubtedly produce a prize-winning present:) Enjoy! 


1. Take two large friendship bracelets and glue/ sew back one side of each bracelet

2. Attach a jump ring to each of those sides

3. Attach a chain to connect both

4. Add a two other jump rings to the other ends of the friendship bracelets and add  a  clasp to one of them

A Nissa-styled friendship bracelet!



1. Take three friendship bracelets and braid them into one big braid

2. Glue the ends to the back of the braid so they are no longer seen

3. Clip on two jump rings at each end of the braid

4. Attach a small chain to one of the jump rings and a clasp to the other

You have your very own friendship bracelet!

 If you find yourself thrown into ‘friendship fever’ head on over to our "Forever Friends" Pinterest board for some more smile-producing products and pictures:)



DIY Foot Jewelry

Celebrate “Go Barefoot Day” with this bold and bright craft that takes less than 15 minutes! 

What you will need:

  • 1 friendship bracelet
  • 3 large beads
  • 3 small beads
  • threading needle
  • thread (and a ruler to measure it)
  • scissors 


  1. First, find an eclectic old friendship bracelet! It was hard to narrow it down but we eventually did! 
  2.  Compile your materials.
  3. Measure out 12 inches of thread.
  4. Thread your needle.
  5. Insert the needle in the middle (bottom) of your bracelet.
  6. Pull thread through bracelet and tie a knot.
  7. Using the needle, thread your beads through- starting with a ‘large’ one and ending with a ‘small’.
  8. Tie a poacher’s knot around 1.25 inches (give or take a few quarters of an inch depending on the size of your index toe).
  9. Taadaa! You’re almost done! 
  10. Push your (still threaded) needle back through your beads towards your bracelet to reinforce your creation!
  11. Pull back through the middle (bottom) of the bracelet.
  12. Tie another knot to secure your second pull through and cut off the excess thread.
  13. Your beautiful foot jewelry piece is complete!  
  14. Enjoy ‘Go Barefoot Day’ (May 1) in style!