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The Folks and Fashions O’ Music Festivals

While it’s always hard for us to resist the allure of Starbucks as it stares us down every morning when we hop off the metro- we constantly find there’s something about Mondays which makes our self-control particularly faulty. 

As we walked in we observed the token business man reading his newspaper and the classic college-aged student intensely flipping through her LSAT book but the patron that intrigued us the most was the fellow who was sporting short shorts and a phosphorescent “Passion Pit” tee. Yes, we are not lying when we say his shirt actually looked like it was glowing and that his shorts were of the size that would have gotten us sent home in high school, but it wasn’t just his wardrobe that caught our attention. He was literally breaking it down- rockin’ out to the highest degree possible to the song that was softly sounding from the speakers.

Obviously, we had to meet this captivating creature. The ‘spark notes’ version of our conversation? He had spent his weekend at the “Governor’s Ball” on Randall’s Island very close to New York City and obviously, very much wished he was still partaking in the plethora of musical performances the musical festival presented him. We learned his favorite player was ‘Passion Pit’ (hence the shirt) and after further discussing the sights and sounds of his weekend we exchanged “cheers” with our coffees and parted ways.

As we pondered our strange exchange during our stroll from Starbucks to the studio, our curiosity was piqued.  We found ourselves googling pictures from the Governors Ball and stretching our search to other ‘staple’ summer music festivals. While the majority have strangely catchy names (Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, Lollapalooza and Cochella to name a few) and feature varying music genres- they all provide a foundation for fun and boho-inspired fashions.

Although we missed the “festival” style at the Governor’s Ball this weekend we started digging and with ‘Passion Pit’ protruding through our speakers, compiled a collage of the accessories we would have been sporting if we had been in attendance. Join us in channeling your inner hippy-chick by bouncing over to our “flower-child” themed Pinterest board and the browsing the baubles below:)