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Bloggers We Love

Today, writers aren’t just writing in newspapers and magazines. Online blogging has become a new trending platform for many individuals interested in editorial writing. Many fashionistas and stylists are among the blogger crowd, writing about their daily lives, clothing, fashion news and trends. Some of our favorite bloggers are Fancy Hipster, Sicka Than Average and Fashion Laine. We love to read up on the hottest new trends and styles and these blogs are our go-to’s!

Sara Dinkin, stylist and blogger of FancyHipster, spills her personal style around the Los Angeles area and anywhere she travels. On her page she defines the unique Fancy Hipster term as “someone who is not limited with certain fashion, but someone who can trump the crowd looking like they’re in rags when they’re actually in quite the opposite.” She does just this in every post. Her posts range from personal style, fashion shoots, food recipes and Los Angeles adventures. We can’t get enough of her fancyhipster style! Not to mention, she has worn some of our pieces! She’s been seen wearing the Philomena Earring, Malaga Cuff and Jeweled Triangle Neon Ring. 


Another favorite of ours is Sicka Than Average. Celia San Miguel, founder and writer of the blog, radiates eclectic style in every post. The blog believes in “empowering women to discover their own style and voices while experimenting freely with fashion and makeup,” says Miguel on the Sicka Than Average blog. At the Nissa Jewelry office we love to experiment with fashion trends and accessories! Miguel has included many of our jewelry pieces in her posts! The most recent are our Delano Collection and the Talulah Cuff. 


Elaine Daneshrad of personal style blog FashionLaine has stolen our hearts with her feminine, romantic and playful looks. Her ability to pair unique pieces to create cohesive looks allures us every time! In addition, Elaine has worn some of our pieces, such as the Kachira Skinny Cuff, Dakota Cuff, Lucille Ring, Nova Cuff, Cigar Band Ring Set, Jeweled Bar Ring and Cobblestone Jungle Ring. She really knows how to incorporate each piece into various looks; some we haven’t even thought of!


Each blog shares unique fashion, lifestyles and trends that we can’t seem to get away from. These blogs are perfect sources to find inspiration not only in fashion, but also in life. Check them out and let us know what your favorite blogs are!



Sundance Style


What we wouldn’t do to be in Park City, Utah right now- fully engulfed in the wonderful world of independent film! The 32nd annual Sundance Film Festival kicked off this past Thursday, January 17th and will conclude on the 27th of this month. Started in 1981, the festival is supported and run by the Sundance Institute, “a nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences”.

Over the ten day period, attendees have the opportunity to screen films preselected for their captivating stories, partake in cinema-centered panels and discussions, and enjoy live music performances from celebrated artists. With so many exciting things to do (in one of the most beautiful backdrops imaginable) it is obvious why more than 45,000 people flocked to the picturesque town for the festival last year.

Naturally, one of our favorite things about Sundance is having the opportunity to observe the cold-weather wardrobes of the thousands of attendees. From celebrities to everyday film fanatics- the festival’s ‘fashion’ is celebrated almost as much as it’s cutting-edge and creative cinema. We were all smiles putting together the ‘Sundance Styles’ below, featuring the outfits we would be bundled up in if we were bouncing around this year’s event. Whether you find yourself in Park City this week or not, we hope the ensembles below inspire you to explore the equally fun and exciting attributes of independent film. 




Find yourself to be a film-over-fashion type of gal? Enjoy reading the ‘spark notes’ summaries of six flicks featured at the festival this year… or explore all the titles in-depth on the 2013 Sundance Featured Films website. 




'First Lady' Fashions

All eyes will be on the Obama Family today as our country swears in President Barack Obama for his second term- marking the 57th Presidential Inauguration in America’s history.

There is no doubt we’ll see an abundance of decadently detailed gowns and handsomely tailored tuxedos at tonight’s ‘Inaugural Ball’- yet we find ourselves most excited to feast our eyes upon the apparel choice of the always-elegant Michelle Obama. In an effort to provide a platform for our predictions of what she will wear- we did a little digging into past First Lady Inaugural fashions…

In 2010, Laura Bush proved simple can be stunning as she radiated in red alongside her husband, George W. Bush. The dress was designed by fellow Texan, Michael Faircloth.

Michelle Obama was all about embellishments in 2009, as she sparkled in a stylish one-shoulder gown from Jason Wu.

In 1993, Hilary Clinton chose a brilliantly-beaded royal blue dress designed by Sarah Phillips for Ball honoring her husband, Bill. 

While each fashion figurehead has their personal opinion of what Michelle Obama would look most-magnificent in, we’ve compiled three looks we’d love to see her sporting…

Marchesa Notte Floor Length Gown, Nissa Jewelry Betsey Earring, Sheepskin Transparent Shoes:

Rebecca Taylor Frayed & Fitted Strapless Gown, Nissa Jewelry Gilda Cuff, Nine West Sheryl: 


Catherine Deane Leticia Embroidered Silk Gown, Nissa Jewelry Vivian Earring, Rupert Sanderson High Heel Platform Pumps:


Only time will tell if the red, white and blue ball-gown theme holds up, yet if history tells us anything- the First Lady will be looking fabulously flawless. Cheers to tonight’s Ball and our President’s inauguration! 



Introducing our bright new collection!

The word ‘excited’ does not even begin to describe our emotions towards the newest Nissa designs! Featuring some of the most brilliant baubles in the history of our brand, we are incredibly pleased to present our versatile and eye-catching collections of neon jewels.  

There seems to be a common misconception on the fashion front- that it is a tedious task to add color to one’s ensemble during the cold weather months. Our new neon collections aim to prove this preconception wrong while encouraging style-conscious consumers to brighten their day, the Nissa Jewelry way;)

Our neon jewels are separated into two styles- Sydne and Roxy. We invite you to explore the new designs while learning the simple steps to incorporating color into your cold-weather ensembles… 

Spruce up an otherwise ordinary arm party by incorporating a bold new bracelet from our Sydne style….

And ensure that all eyes are on you with one of our easily adaptable neon necklaces from in our Roxy style: 

Both styles will give any outfit that unexpected pop of color that we’re sure everybody is looking for during these winter months.



Top Trends of 2013

What trends are we most looking forward to in 2013 you ask? Well, after researching the fashion world’s most recent runway shows we came together to compile the eight reoccurring themes that we are most excited about for the new year. While we start out noting our affinity for stripes, you’ll find that we are fans of floral patterns as well:) 

Tommy Hilfiger has us seeing stripes..

Diane von Furstenberg is delivering bright hues

Marc by Marc Jacobs embraces motif madness

Jason Wu sells us on structured leather

BCBG brings us sheer styles with delicate details

Bottega picks up on the pastel trend

Vera Wang is a fan of floral..

Burberry Prorsum merges military with metallics… 
It is obvious that the apparel and accessories of 2013 are going go be equal parts exciting and intriguing.. hence why we found ourselves budgeting for this year even before ‘the ball’ had dropped;)



Top 12 Treasures of 2012

With just 10 days until the new year, we thought it would be appropriate to give our favorite 2012 Nissa pieces the spotlight. It proved a difficult task to come up with just twelve trinkets but after much deliberation we present to you our most beloved Nissa baubles of this year…


From left to right; top to bottom: 

Casablanca Multi Necklace - Neha Double Cuff - Seminole Earring - Kaya Bracelet
Talasi Jeweled Ring - Kiki Necklace - Jovina Necklace - Grace Earring
Ingrid Earring -  Empire Ring - Clara Bracelet - Sumi Collar Necklace



The Perfect Packing List!

Over the holidays we understand that one of the most frustrating activities (right behind untangling Christmas lights) can be attempting to pack for one’s holiday travels. While it seems daunting to have to fit everything you will ever need for a trips worth of outfits in one small carry on, our packing lists prove that with the right pieces- you’ll be sparkling with style the entire visit- no matter the size of your suitcase! 





Trimming the tree… with trinkets!


Each holiday has it’s quintessential “icons”- Halloween owns the pumpkin, Easter is all about the colorfully decorated eggs and no Christmas would be complete without a tree to put wonderfully-wrapped presents under. Here at the studio, we are all in agreement that one of the easiest ways to ensure a happy holiday is to start celebrating early. Yep, that’s right- we are the epitome of “those people” who turn on the Christmas tunes before ‘Black Friday’ has begun and can be found discussing holiday party themes before most people have even pondered possible presents for their loved ones. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our office is glowing with Christmas spirit from wall to wall.. and has been for quite some time now:) 

This year, we took it upon ourselves to inject a little ‘Nissa Jewelry’ into our decorations and- after staring at our smile-inducing trinket-trimmed tree for a couple weeks now- we felt compelled to share our awesomely a-typical creation with you! Nissa Jewelry is known for it’s eclectic re-imagining of forgotten vintage pieces and thus, we said ‘so long’ to ordinary ornaments and instead, incorporated aspects of us into the adorning-process. The result? A beautifully charming tree that incorporates the ‘uptown sophistication’ and ‘downtown edge’ that characterizes each of our brilliantly handmade baubles… 


As you can see from the photos above, we used various styles of gold and silver chain to compliment the classic white lights. To add to the aesthetic appeal while still sticking with the tree’s ‘simplistic’ style, we hung wire hook earrings from it’s branches. The gold dangly pairs provide a bold statement when viewing the icon from afar while the various-sized pearl earrings lay the foundation for a fun- yet delicate- take on the average run-of-the-mill ornament. We didn’t stop there… what tree would be complete without a shining statement up top? 


Our Angel Wing Necklace provided a perfect starting point for our one-of-a-kind tree topper. We concluded the creative craft by incorporating some leftover chain to detail the angel’s gown and lastly, used a bold jewel for her head! Yeah, a colorful bow would have sufficed but our twenty minutes spent on the above ‘beaut ensured that the tree sincerely stood for the studio’s holiday spirit. 

Just as Nissa reinvents vintage treasures in her creation of our jewelry line’s curiously creative collection, we encourage you to put your unique spin on this season’s most iconic decorations… the options are actually endless! 

If our a-typical take on ‘trimming the tree’ left you eager to find ways to inject your personality into your home this holiday, check out our "Eclectically Embellished Holiday" Pinterest board. We are hopeful that perusing the pins will not only provide you with the perfect platform for inspiration but will also perpetuate our mission over here at the studio of spreading significant amounts of Christmas cheer:) We wish you the healthiest and happiest of holidays and sincerely can’t wait to see what you craft up!



Try a little turquoise this Winter..

There’s no denying that the color turquoise popped up in a plethora of designer runway looks earlier this year- causing quite the fashion frenzy. As blue’s more-modern cousin, the color quickly became a staple for clothing and jewelry and made a name for itself as one of the year’s most followed fashion trends. While designers like Vera Wang and Tory Burch embraced the use of the popular pantone color in some of their most recent collections, many are still under the impression that the hue finds it’s home in the Spring and Summer seasons specifically…

False. Today we are embarking on mission: ‘show how turquoise can be embraced even in the coldest of months’:) Through styling our popular Casablanca Jeweled Necklace for three different cold-weather occasions, we hope that you’re inspired to add a pop of color to your upcoming ensembles by embracing one of the most brilliant shades of blue.

In our opinion it’s always fun (and helpful!) to peruse how fashion icons are styling our pieces to fire up our outfit-putting together endeavors…

The versatility of the necklace- a favorite of Kourtney Kardashian and Giuliana Rancic- can be seen in the variety of necklines that it is featured on above. Quite simply, the raved about bauble can add pizzaz to more than you think- allowing you to be picture-perfect from your sandal-wearing lazy Summer afternoons to your cozy mornings crouched over the fire on the coldest days of December. Not convinced yet? Well, let us show you a few more looks…

  • Outfit one- If you want to stand out at your next holiday party, why not let the conversation piece stand on it’s own? By providing a simple yet intriguing foundation for the accessory- through a leather shift dress (a staple with a twist.. remember our last fashion-centered blog post?!) and a classic pair of black kitten heels- the turquoise will be turning heads as soon as you check your coat!
  • Outfit two- There’s something to be said about a necklace that can help you make a fashion statement even when it is ‘sweater-weather’. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns like we did here by adding the silver staple to an otherwise ‘everyday’ ensemble. 
  • Outfit three- One of our favorite attributes regarding this season’s most talked about fashion trends is that designers are absolutely not afraid to call on all hues of the color spectrum to add some smile-inducing styles to their Fall/Winter collections. By pairing our Casablanca Jeweled Necklace with knee-high boots and  a dress in the same color-family as the statement piece’s turquoise stones, the ensemble effortlessly becomes a winter-ready look:)

When it comes down to it, you simply have to trust your instinct when accessorizing with a traditionally season-specific staple item. As we have said before, in the long run, there’s nothing better than investing in jewelry that can be worn year-round. By purchasing pieces which incorporate always-aesthetically appealing textures and hues- like our terrific friend turquoise- your ensemble possibilities will increase exponentially and we promise… your fashion-centered compliments will be positively correlated ;) As it gets colder, have some fun with the champion colors of the 2012 and keep your ears open regarding the next happy hue coming up on the catwalk! 



An Instagram-worthy Holiday

If it wasn’t readily apparent by the grocery store parking lots littered with cars and the fantastically colored fall foliage decorating the ground- tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we could not be more thrilled! For us, this holiday has always been characterized by family time and of course- some of the most delicious dishes we feast upon all year (we’re talking to you, Pumpkin Pie). One of the things that makes this time of the year so enjoyable is the fact that each family and friend group owns unique holiday traditions- their own personalized way of promoting their thankfulness for their closest companions. It’s fun to turn to social media during this season to get a glimpse into the fall festivities our peers are partaking in. While we found a plethora of pictures that made our eyes squint into smiles, we wanted to ‘keep in simple’ and include a few of our absolute favorites as we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. 

From the Nissa Jewelry family to yours, we hope that you have a safe holiday filled with scrumptious food, cozy fall fashions and of course- countless hours of family fun:) 

We are so thankful for our friends for allowing us to use some of their ‘kodak moments’ in this post! Shout out to them- citing their pictures from left to right, row by row! 
     Amber Dee, 
Lindsay Kimble, Kaitlyn Antontelli
     Caroline Legin, The Flare BlogEmma Price
     Ruth-Ann Marenyi, 
Amber Dee, Chali Temple
     Emma Price, 
Maile Mercer, Sam Marenyi
     Kaitlyn Antonelli, E
mma Price, Rachel Ginafredi
     Volanni Florist 
Emma Price, Courtney McGovern




Female-friendly Football

Two days from now many of us will be waking up to the splendid smell of pumpkin pie and the most amazing aroma of hot apple cider. Thanksgiving 2012 is upon us and while we’re bracing our palettes for the plethora of savory side dishes we will be charged with choosing from, the men in our lives- while thankful for the tasty treats- will inevitably be watching the tube from the table. If your household is anything like ours, someone (cough, cough Grandma) will surely demand that the games be muted which in turn will cause the guys to frantically fill their stomachs and claim they are ‘full’ within the first five minutes of the feast. All of this in the name of ‘America’s favorite pastime’?

Some ladies will be happily left to indulge in the sumptuous supply of snacks while others will join in on the football fun. While theres a strong possibility that we will be making our way upstairs to partake in the magnificence that is a mid-afternoon nap, we’ll most definitely be dreaming about the Redskins, Cowboys, Pats- and the other three teams that our family members will be screaming about somewhere in the house. Seeing that our subconscious will be consumed with the sounds of game, our inner football-fashionistas will emerge and be dressed so fittingly that we’ll surprise ourselves by our commendable-degree of color coordination;) What will we be wearing you ask? Well, it all depends on what time of the day it is and what team we’re rooting for…

The Texans and the Lions kick of the day of Football at 12:30pm EST, providing for a very patriotic combination of colors! 

Later in the day, the Redskins take on the Dallas Cowboys- we can’t wait to see which team reigns supreme in this traditional Thanksgiving matchup! 

The football fun concludes with the Pats pairing up against the Jets shortly after 8pm EST. We’ll be loving on all the leftovers as we slip into our football-fueled fashions. 

While this Thursday will be a day of football and food- the anticipation of the ‘family and friends factor’- is what has us most excited. Sure, we’re already salivating thinking of the perfectly prepared pecan pie, but most of all, we can’t wait to be surrounded by our loving and caring support system- the people in our lives that we are most thankful for. We hope that you have a safe holiday filled with savory dishes, superfluous amounts of smiles and of course, the most applicable array of game-day apparel:)



To a terrifically trendy Thanksgiving..

Is it sincerely already almost Thanksgiving? It seems like the first month of Fall has flown by and while we’re happy we can finally break out our boots- it feels like this season’s fashion trends are making our “to-buy” lists almost unmanageable! So many amazing apparel items- so little time! In their Fall 2012 New York Runway Report, Harper’s Baazar highlights the most followed ‘fads’ by the industry’s ‘to die for’ designers.. but actually, some of them have reached ‘rockstar’ status from their most current collections. We decided to have a little fun with our favorite three trends by putting together some equally fierce and fashion-forwards ensembles for your upcoming Thanksgiving gatherings! Check out how the Nissa team reinterpreted this season’s styles after discovering how Harper’s Bazaar describes the looks they longed for the most…

Bring on the boldly structured jackets in the ‘Modern Military’ mix…

We channelled our inner ‘army chick’ to put together this happy holiday fashion…

For our next favorite fashion trend- we take a trip outdoors…

Our interpretation gives a much deserved ‘nod’ to the neutral colors of the season..

We encourage you to embrace your ‘regal’ side with our final favorite Fall trend…

A girly grouping of gold and black rounds out our last example outfit… 

There truly is no time like the present to pick up a few fashion tips from Autumn’s most awesome apparel trends. Embrace even a percentage of the reviewed ensembles and you’ll no doubt be the most fashionable ‘feaster’ this coming Thursday;)



Season-proof Styling

Do you ever have those days where you walk into your closest- with the intention of putting together an awesome ensemble- yet find yourself simply staring at your sweaters and shirts? If you’re anything like us, the infamous ‘I have nothing to wear’ statement emerges and instead of smiling at your plethora of potential outfits you struggle to put together even one stylish solution. Well, we are here to prove that transitioning your Summer-staples into the new (and slightly colder) season isn’t as arduous as it sometimes appears to be.

Our trick? Investing in a few versatile, ‘never-go-out-of-style’ pieces. By keeping your eyes peeled for classic items with a unique twistyou can slowly build a broad array of equally wearable and interesting options. Take the go-to skinny jean for example. By buying a colored pair- rather than the normal denim blue- you exponentially expand your outfit choices and your collection of compliments;) Emma from our Marketing team swears by her forest green jeans- a color that is just as fun in the Summer as it is in the Fall…

  • Outfit one- By styling the skinny jeans with knee-high leather boots (another wardrobe staple) and a chunky sweater, the pants flawlessly become a part of a fabulous fall look.
  • Outfit two- If you’re looking for a warm weekday look, throw on a simple tee and a pair of comfortable flats! 
  • Outfit three-  When you have to worry about the weather, skinny jeans are a no-brainer. The green denim adds a unique touch to the otherwise ‘regular’ rainy day outfit. 
  • Outfit four- We can’t get enough of fur this Fall! The versatile circle scarf effortlessly compliments Emma’s favorite leather jacket while still allowing the colored pants to speak for themselves!

While it’s ever-important to perpetually grow your apparel inventory, the outfits above prove that accessories can also add an interesting appeal to an everyday ensemble! Above, Emma sports her favorite Nissa bauble, the Franklin Cuff,  with each of her four looks. Just as the green skinny jeans fit into each style, the vintage-inspired bracelet from our Liberty Collection will forever be in fashion.  

By acquiring classic pieces that feature unique points of differentiation- your daily ‘dressing decision’ will easily become one of your favorite parts of the day, behind dessert of course;) Still find yourself puzzled regarding how to transform your Summer staple into a Fall fashion? Head over to our Facebook page and post a picture of your ‘problem’ piece- we’ll do our best to relieve your headache:)



Hey, its Election Day!

If it’s not apparent from the plethora of political ads you have probably seen this morning (I swear I saw six alone in my thirty-minute news watching endeavor) or the abundance of “I voted” stickers acting as accessories to commuters’ outerwear today- it’s finally Election Day! The day of patriotic toast for breakfast, shoes sporting elephants and donkeys and most importantly, the day we pick our next President! 

Unbiased sites like ‘Vote Smart' allow visitors to choose the issues most important to them and ultimately understand which politician's platform most closely aligns with their attitudes. Check it out by clicking the image below- we actually learned a thing or two by perusing the various 'points'. 

Also, as always, Google is paving the path for obtaining information conveniently while displaying one of their ever-creative banners:) Click the image below to find out where you are registered to vote today! 

What party are we voting for you ask? Well, our strategic answer to that question is.. the Arm Party;) That’s right, not only are we proudly dawning our “I voted” stickers but also are subtly promoting our American pride with arms full of red, white and blue! 

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you if an arm full of bright bracelets and bangles isn’t your thing! Our “Liberty Collection" most definitely has a patriotic piece that will perfectly align with your personal style:)

Here at the studio, we’ve tried to keep the political talk to a minimum but all are in agreement that this is a monumental day in our country’s history. So get out there and make yourself heard today. After all, every vote counts!  




DIY: Chunky Choker

You know those days where you find yourself perpetually procrastinating on Pinterest? If you’re anything like us, you head to the social media platform to “take a 5 minute break” and then thirty minutes later have dug deep into the ‘dessert’ district of the bountiful array of boards. Last night after dabbling in the website’s ‘women’s fashion’ offerings (granted it took a lot of self control to not flip through the food images), our resident craft queen, Emma, stumbled across a eye-catching necklace and then- experienced the worst thing that can happen to you on Pinterest. What is it you ask? Clicking an extremely intriguing picture only to find that there is no link attached, of course!

She decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and after grabbing her glue gun and a few old headbands, headed to her living room to reinvent the mystery accessory to her liking. Enter: our newest DIY! Seeing that everyone at the studio is still obsessed with the ‘chunky choker’ trend, Emma went to the web to gather some inspiration for her crafting!

Recently infatuated with all things bright and pink (in honor of Breast Cancer awareness month) Emma channeled her love for her favorite Nissa necklace, the Sumi Collar, and embarked on mission: craft a creative and cool choker:)    

  • 2 basic headbands
  • mixture of plastic beads
  • mixture of ribbon
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

Here we go…

Step 1: Compile your materials and plug in your hot glue gun.

Step 2: Twist your two headbands around each other one-two times. Hot glue on top of the other at both ends and hold for 20 seconds. This allows for a slightly ‘braided’ affect which will help the materials you ‘weave’ in to stay better.

Step 3: Weave your chosen beads (cut once so that they become single strands and ribbons into your glued choker while gluing (and holding for 20 seconds) the ends of the materials to the inner ends of the necklace. 


Only 5 items and just 3 steps? This craft will take you twenty-minutes tops and in turn, will provide you with a one of a kind choker that will be getting you stares all season long!