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You don’t have to pay to brighten someone’s day!

Today is not only “hump day” (hooray) but also national “Cheer Up The Lonely Day”. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we often forget about the people who are far less fortunate than us- many without the support systems of solid family and friends. Today is the day to make these people’s days- and guess what? You have the ability to do so without spending a penny!

Yeah, you can do “small acts of kindness” like pay for the person in back of you’s meal at the drive-through or donate to a philanthropic cause- but it’s just as easy to spread joy with a simple smile. As cliche as “just crack a smile” sounds- the easy action has many benefits to both the recipient and the one doing the good deed! 


For example, according to PsyBlog, when people share with each other they tend to display genuine smiles- and when said smile is sprawled across someone’s beautiful face they are rated higher in both generosity and extraversion! Also, as one of the simple social pleasures of life, a study conducted by Hinsv and Tomhave (1991) found that about 50% of people reciprocate a grin directed at them with a smile of their own! Pretty good odds for spreading smiles around if you ask us! 

So cheers to good deeds today on “Cheer Up the Lonely” day- we promise you’ll feel just as good as the people whose days you make:)