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A Wicked Date Night

Alas, it is Rebecca Black’s favorite day of the week, Friday, which inevitably means the business blazers are coming off and the stilettos slipped on! Saturday stands for one thing in our book- sleeping in- and therefore, the possibilities for tonight’s endeavors are endless.

Living in a city can overwhelm you with options of where to spend your time (and money) but we have encountered very few who can deny the appeal of cozying up next to some of your favorite friends, splitting an enormous tub of popcorn (that if you’re like us, you got suckered into getting because it was “only a dollar more”), and enjoying the current box-office hit. What’s on our radar this week you ask? ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’-the revamped version of the classic fairytale features some of our most adored actresses like Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron and the hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth playing the Huntsman himself.

The PG-13 flick makes no mention of everyone’s seven favorite Disney dwarfs and instead compliments the refreshed and far more grim plot-line with the addition of a new important character in Snow White’s story- an evil queen that wants her dead. In a turn of events, the Huntsman that is dispatched to track down the enchanting beauty begins to train her in the art of war rather than end her life prematurely. We’ll stop there- before we divulge too much and you begin to resent us for no longer giving you a reason to indulge in super-sized sodas and perfectly buttered popcorn- a treat whose simple scent can make us smile with anticipation:) 

We know that we’ll be skipping our way from the studio to the cinema tonight and we can only hope that we see you there:) Check out our “twisted fairytale” themed Polyvore collage below to see what we’ll be wearing and if you’re intrigued by the look, head on over to Pinterest and delve into our darkness-inspired board!