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Wonderfully Winter-inspired styleboards

Raise your hand if you’re not hating dawning your fuzzy socks every day and having an excuse to have a hot chocolate after dinner… same response over here at the studio- no hands! The cold weather has finally greeted us and we’re loving our circle scarves more than anything at the moment. Our next favorite thing you ask? Easy- holiday parties! Come December, we’re ready to get decked out in our Winter best and toast to yet another amazing year saying so long. There’s no better way to celebrate than with fantastic friends, fun food and of course the latest and greatest fashion finds. We hope one of our styles encourages you to ‘get in the spirit’ and we wish each of you the happiest of holiday seasons! 









Hey, its Election Day!

If it’s not apparent from the plethora of political ads you have probably seen this morning (I swear I saw six alone in my thirty-minute news watching endeavor) or the abundance of “I voted” stickers acting as accessories to commuters’ outerwear today- it’s finally Election Day! The day of patriotic toast for breakfast, shoes sporting elephants and donkeys and most importantly, the day we pick our next President! 

Unbiased sites like ‘Vote Smart' allow visitors to choose the issues most important to them and ultimately understand which politician's platform most closely aligns with their attitudes. Check it out by clicking the image below- we actually learned a thing or two by perusing the various 'points'. 

Also, as always, Google is paving the path for obtaining information conveniently while displaying one of their ever-creative banners:) Click the image below to find out where you are registered to vote today! 

What party are we voting for you ask? Well, our strategic answer to that question is.. the Arm Party;) That’s right, not only are we proudly dawning our “I voted” stickers but also are subtly promoting our American pride with arms full of red, white and blue! 

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you if an arm full of bright bracelets and bangles isn’t your thing! Our “Liberty Collection" most definitely has a patriotic piece that will perfectly align with your personal style:)

Here at the studio, we’ve tried to keep the political talk to a minimum but all are in agreement that this is a monumental day in our country’s history. So get out there and make yourself heard today. After all, every vote counts!  




Nissa Jewelry here to make your Friday a little more fabulous:) We’ve teamed up with to get you, our fashion-forward followers, discounts to use in our online store! The coupons are applicable to each and every Nissa piece so why not indulge in that pair of earrings you’ve been eyeing all Summer;) Check out the deal here



Happy National ‘Girlfriend’s Day’! Make sure you reach out to your best gal pals on this Wednesday and let them know how thankful you are to have them:)

Happy National ‘Girlfriend’s Day’! Make sure you reach out to your best gal pals on this Wednesday and let them know how thankful you are to have them:)





Look out for our lookbooks!

By now, you hopefully know that our newly remodeled website is home to many new additions. Not only does it feature our new Fall collection but also our colorful lookbooks have gone live! We had so much fun shooting some of our favorite summer pieces in unique locations around the city and we hope that the shots inspire you to stack up your arm parties and adorn yourself in our bold baubles:) There are currently four lookbooks for your browsing pleasure but stay tuned because each week we’ll be adding a new album! 

Urban Oasis: Inspired by the serene locations in the city that provide an escape from the constant clamoring and conversation.

Peachy Keen: Our longtime love of the juxtaposition of navy and peach led to these photos- complimented with glitzy and gold gems. 

Liberty Collection: Our time in the nation’s capitol inspired this group of jewels- perfect for showing off your American pride during the Olympic games commencing this weekend! 

Sahara Sunset:  The soaring summer temperatures led to this ‘desert’ themed photo shoot- complete with countless cactuses and their colorful flowers! 





Let your ‘freak flag’ fly this Friday!

Just when you thought that the bizzare holidays that we uncover (hope everyone enjoyed ‘Paper Bag’ Day yesterday!) couldn’t get any stranger the clock strikes midnight and rings in “Embrace Your Geekness” Day! It is indeed Friday the 13th but over here at the studio we have chosen not to give into superstitions (even though we’ve knocked on wood at least 5 times already…) and instead are letting the ‘geek chic’ in us rule the day! 

Not going to lie, we haven’t quite broken out the pocket protectors nor wrapped tape around our the middle of our eye glasses but we’ve have gotten a kick out of paroozing old photos of our team back in the ‘awkward’ days. Everyone has those pictures that you would rather close your hand in a door then let anyone in the world see- the ones that people who don’t even know you laugh at simply because they can’t fathom a more noticeably uncomfortable-with-themselves human being?! Well, it’s your lucky day because we have compiled some of those blackmail-esk kodak moments of our staff for you on this lovely Friday because we’re choosing to ‘embrace our geekness’ this holiday rather than deny it:) Prepare yourselves…

Firstly, feast your eyes on Emma from our Marketing team back in her pin-wearing, chubbier days… 

Next, Allison, our resident Photoshop extraordinaire and one of the only people who can dress up as a nerd and still look stunning..

Up next is the lovely Ellina, from our Operations department, loving in on her plastic ice cream cone, we don’t ask questions.. haha

Alas, not one but two old-school pictures of Nissa herself! Plese note the ‘Dorothy Hamilll’ haircut (she would like to personally thank her mother for that one)..
yup… that happened

"big hair, don’t care"

Not ready to fully fly your ‘freak flag’? Do not fear! We have you covered! We compiled some of our favorite pieces into a ‘geek chic’ board so you can look nifty even on your nerdiest days! 

See the ‘dweeby diva’ inspired ensemble we put together on Polyvore with a few of the pieces above:)  



Have a piece of our “American-pride” pie:)

This week is most definitely one in which we will be celebrating “the land of opportunity” in full force. With just two days until the Fourth of July, today marks a holiday that hits very close to home (pun intended)- “Made in the USA” Day. 

Each year on July 2nd, all things ‘American Made’ are celebrated and here at Nissa Jewelry this is no exception. We always say that this is our holiday seeing that our designs are conceptualized and hand crafted in our lovely “land of the free, home of the brave” before they make their way into your wardrobe.  In light of this, we want to let you, our fabulous and loyal customers in on a little piece of our ‘American-pride’ pie:)

From now until Sunday, snatch our newest collection for 15% off! Let us help you bring out the red, white and blue in you with our eclectic ‘Liberty Collection’ including our limited edition ‘Clara Bracelet’- offered at $24 until our dwindling supply dissipates. Each of our eight pieces is named after an incredibly influential woman of our nation’s past so while you’re browsing the baubles, why not give yourself a little quiz;) Enjoy this special Monday and get excited for all the upcoming Fourth of July festivities!

*Use the code: “USA” at checkout:)



Launching the “Liberty Collection”

Is it just us or has the month of June flown by? A week from tomorrow marks America’s birthday and seeing that we will be in the Capitol for all of the July 4th festivities, words can not adequately express our excitement! If the upcoming holiday isn’t enough to spark your pride for the “land of the free” the Summer Olympics in London start in little over a month and the Tour De France begins this Saturday! 

With so many outlets to sport your ‘red, white and blue’ we thought that it was only fitting to launch our Independence Day- inspired jewelry this week. It is now live in our online store and with eight pieces named after some pretty wonderful women from our country’s past- there is something to compliment every style from classy and conservative to bold boho beauty:) 

Check out the "Liberty Collection" trinkets featured below. Simply click the link to shop the look!  

Lucy Earring- $88

Clara Earring- $58

Betsey Earring- $62

Stanton Cuff- $68

Franklin Cuff- $78

Betsey Cuff- $58

Abigail Ring- $58

Clara Bracelet (limited edition)- $24

Cheers to a fabulously fun July 4th holiday and a fashionable way to promote your American pride during the Summer Olympics next month! 



The Folks and Fashions O’ Music Festivals

While it’s always hard for us to resist the allure of Starbucks as it stares us down every morning when we hop off the metro- we constantly find there’s something about Mondays which makes our self-control particularly faulty. 

As we walked in we observed the token business man reading his newspaper and the classic college-aged student intensely flipping through her LSAT book but the patron that intrigued us the most was the fellow who was sporting short shorts and a phosphorescent “Passion Pit” tee. Yes, we are not lying when we say his shirt actually looked like it was glowing and that his shorts were of the size that would have gotten us sent home in high school, but it wasn’t just his wardrobe that caught our attention. He was literally breaking it down- rockin’ out to the highest degree possible to the song that was softly sounding from the speakers.

Obviously, we had to meet this captivating creature. The ‘spark notes’ version of our conversation? He had spent his weekend at the “Governor’s Ball” on Randall’s Island very close to New York City and obviously, very much wished he was still partaking in the plethora of musical performances the musical festival presented him. We learned his favorite player was ‘Passion Pit’ (hence the shirt) and after further discussing the sights and sounds of his weekend we exchanged “cheers” with our coffees and parted ways.

As we pondered our strange exchange during our stroll from Starbucks to the studio, our curiosity was piqued.  We found ourselves googling pictures from the Governors Ball and stretching our search to other ‘staple’ summer music festivals. While the majority have strangely catchy names (Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, Lollapalooza and Cochella to name a few) and feature varying music genres- they all provide a foundation for fun and boho-inspired fashions.

Although we missed the “festival” style at the Governor’s Ball this weekend we started digging and with ‘Passion Pit’ protruding through our speakers, compiled a collage of the accessories we would have been sporting if we had been in attendance. Join us in channeling your inner hippy-chick by bouncing over to our “flower-child” themed Pinterest board and the browsing the baubles below:)



We just finished our ‘Liberty Collection’! We’ll keep you posted regarding how to order these limited edition pieces so that you can celebrate Independence Day the Nissa Jewelry way:) (Taken with Instagram)

We just finished our ‘Liberty Collection’! We’ll keep you posted regarding how to order these limited edition pieces so that you can celebrate Independence Day the Nissa Jewelry way:) (Taken with Instagram)



This is the last day to take advantage of GMA’s ‘Deals and Steals’ and get our rope bracelets for more than 50% off! They make superb stocking stuffers, “to me, from me, love me gifts” ;), and are the perfect addition to your arm party! Get the discount code here! 

This is the last day to take advantage of GMA’s ‘Deals and Steals’ and get our rope bracelets for more than 50% off! They make superb stocking stuffers, “to me, from me, love me gifts” ;), and are the perfect addition to your arm party! Get the discount code here



All Aboard the ‘Arm Party’ trend!

We are so excited and honored to have one of our most sustainable Nissa Jewelry pieces- our rope bracelet- featured on Good Morning America’s 'Deals and Steals' segment today! Consistently one of our best selling summer items, the four styles- ‘Dhara’, ‘Sammi’, ‘Kalli’, and ‘Molli' are all made using recycled cord and effortlessly compliment any arm party while adding the perfect pop of color for the season! Whether you're playing up the color-blocking trend, showing off your sport-inspired style, or want to express your environmentally friendly ideals- our adjustable rope bracelets truly appeal to all audiences. 

Seeing that the segment did air circa 8am- significantly before anyone over here at the studio are accustomed to the sunlight gracing our (then, not so smiley) faces- many cups of coffee were quickly consumed. Now, buzzing around the loft space, we have exhausted the majority of the energy-consuming activities allotted to us, and have decided to move on to channeling our creative vivaciousness towards a new endeavor. What might it be you ask? Well, after swapping countless stories and collectively coming to the conclusion that it’s not recognized enough- we decided to embark on a mission to promote one of our favorite trends this summer: the ‘arm party’. What could brighten your day more than having a reason to display your favorite bangles and bracelets- all in one place? We say very few things (except if you say beautiful free baubles, in which case check out our current contest *wink, wink*) so, following Good Morning America’s lead, we spotlighted some of our favorite rope bracelets in some effortless Nissa Jewelry ‘arm party’ looks. 

We hope our images featuring a bountiful supply of baubles and ‘bling’, encourage you to have fun- with rather than fear- the current trend and ultimately spark the summer stacking spirit inside you!   

P.S. Be sure to snag your rope bracelet for 60% off it’s normal retail price before the day’s end. Simply head on over to the 'Deals and Steals' site, pick up the discount code you’re set to start shopping the summer staple!  

Need more baubles to complete your arm party? You can score one of Nissa’s favorite bracelet’s in this week’s contest! Also, check out how we are styling our Nissa Jewelry arm party over here at the studio:)