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International Day of “Aw” (and awesome accessories)

Think fast.. what is the one thing that can make you say “aw” quicker than anything else? Yep, you guessed it- animals. Today, October 4th, is the national day to celebrate the cuddliest of creatures that brighten our day- everyday. What might this holiday be called you ask? The answer is just as short and sweet as your pet, it’s World Animal Day! Started back in 1931 in the beautiful italian city of Florence, celebrations will be held all over the globe to honor animal life in all it’s forms today. 

The meaning and mission behind the holiday has evolved over the decades into an effort to raise awareness and advocate for the endangered and threatened species that surround us. This topic is something that is not frequently thought about- yet, when presented with the facts, it’s hard to look away. For example, check out ‘The Extinction Rainbow'… it most definitely puts things into perspective.

Earlier in the studio, we were discussing our favorite animals and ‘Penguins’ topped the majority of our team member’s lists. Think for a moment about your parents chatting about the same topic when they were our age. Say they favored an animal such as the Quagga? Never heard of the semi-striped Zebra looking animal? It’s most likely due to the fact that only one picture was ever taken of the creature and it’s species is now considered ‘extinct’. What if we allow penguins to reach that status and the next generation of our families never know the joys of ‘Happy Feet’- let’s not let that happen. 

Today, to encourage each person to ‘do their part’, Nissa Jewelry will be donating 10% of all sales of our animal jewelry to the World Wildlife Fund (WFF)- one of the world’s largest conservation organizations. What would be more rewarding than to look down at your new Jaguar Ring knowing that you played a role in the preservation efforts of it and other endangered species, like the ones below? 

Green Sea Turtle (source)

Victoria-crowned Pigeon (source)

Chilean Pink Flamingo (source)

Polar Bear (source)

Orangutan- we promised the ‘awwws’ right? (source)

Why not peruse our animal offerings and treat a creature in need while treating yourself?

We hope that you’re saying some ‘awws’ and sporting some fine looking animal accessories for the next 24 hours in honor of World Animal Day! In conclusion, cheers to you, dog that adorably cocks it’s heads sideways when it’s confused, cat that falls asleep perfectly positioned in owner’s lap, and heck- even you, pet pigs of the world, may this day be filled with belly scratches and treats galore! 



We hope that everyone is enjoying National Flip Flop Day as much as we are! If you haven’t checked out our tutorial on how revamp your old pair of rubber footgear be sure to take a peak:) Also, bet you never thought that you would see a giant monkey made from more than 10,000 flip flops right?! The giant ape was conceptualized by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and was featured in Brazil last November- pretty awesome!