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Introducing our bright new collection!

The word ‘excited’ does not even begin to describe our emotions towards the newest Nissa designs! Featuring some of the most brilliant baubles in the history of our brand, we are incredibly pleased to present our versatile and eye-catching collections of neon jewels.  

There seems to be a common misconception on the fashion front- that it is a tedious task to add color to one’s ensemble during the cold weather months. Our new neon collections aim to prove this preconception wrong while encouraging style-conscious consumers to brighten their day, the Nissa Jewelry way;)

Our neon jewels are separated into two styles- Sydne and Roxy. We invite you to explore the new designs while learning the simple steps to incorporating color into your cold-weather ensembles… 

Spruce up an otherwise ordinary arm party by incorporating a bold new bracelet from our Sydne style….

And ensure that all eyes are on you with one of our easily adaptable neon necklaces from in our Roxy style: 

Both styles will give any outfit that unexpected pop of color that we’re sure everybody is looking for during these winter months.



Top 12 Treasures of 2012

With just 10 days until the new year, we thought it would be appropriate to give our favorite 2012 Nissa pieces the spotlight. It proved a difficult task to come up with just twelve trinkets but after much deliberation we present to you our most beloved Nissa baubles of this year…


From left to right; top to bottom: 

Casablanca Multi Necklace - Neha Double Cuff - Seminole Earring - Kaya Bracelet
Talasi Jeweled Ring - Kiki Necklace - Jovina Necklace - Grace Earring
Ingrid Earring -  Empire Ring - Clara Bracelet - Sumi Collar Necklace



Click the link to shop our guide on Polyvore or peruse the items which appeal to you directly on our website! Happy holiday gifting:)

1. Sheba Bib Necklace

2. Vivian Earring 

3. Deco Diamond Ring 

4. Tolani Earring 

5. Janice Necklace 

6. Mira Earring 

7. Lionhead Bracelet 

8. Deco Diamond Ring

9. Selina Wrap Bracelet



Try a little turquoise this Winter..

There’s no denying that the color turquoise popped up in a plethora of designer runway looks earlier this year- causing quite the fashion frenzy. As blue’s more-modern cousin, the color quickly became a staple for clothing and jewelry and made a name for itself as one of the year’s most followed fashion trends. While designers like Vera Wang and Tory Burch embraced the use of the popular pantone color in some of their most recent collections, many are still under the impression that the hue finds it’s home in the Spring and Summer seasons specifically…

False. Today we are embarking on mission: ‘show how turquoise can be embraced even in the coldest of months’:) Through styling our popular Casablanca Jeweled Necklace for three different cold-weather occasions, we hope that you’re inspired to add a pop of color to your upcoming ensembles by embracing one of the most brilliant shades of blue.

In our opinion it’s always fun (and helpful!) to peruse how fashion icons are styling our pieces to fire up our outfit-putting together endeavors…

The versatility of the necklace- a favorite of Kourtney Kardashian and Giuliana Rancic- can be seen in the variety of necklines that it is featured on above. Quite simply, the raved about bauble can add pizzaz to more than you think- allowing you to be picture-perfect from your sandal-wearing lazy Summer afternoons to your cozy mornings crouched over the fire on the coldest days of December. Not convinced yet? Well, let us show you a few more looks…

  • Outfit one- If you want to stand out at your next holiday party, why not let the conversation piece stand on it’s own? By providing a simple yet intriguing foundation for the accessory- through a leather shift dress (a staple with a twist.. remember our last fashion-centered blog post?!) and a classic pair of black kitten heels- the turquoise will be turning heads as soon as you check your coat!
  • Outfit two- There’s something to be said about a necklace that can help you make a fashion statement even when it is ‘sweater-weather’. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns like we did here by adding the silver staple to an otherwise ‘everyday’ ensemble. 
  • Outfit three- One of our favorite attributes regarding this season’s most talked about fashion trends is that designers are absolutely not afraid to call on all hues of the color spectrum to add some smile-inducing styles to their Fall/Winter collections. By pairing our Casablanca Jeweled Necklace with knee-high boots and  a dress in the same color-family as the statement piece’s turquoise stones, the ensemble effortlessly becomes a winter-ready look:)

When it comes down to it, you simply have to trust your instinct when accessorizing with a traditionally season-specific staple item. As we have said before, in the long run, there’s nothing better than investing in jewelry that can be worn year-round. By purchasing pieces which incorporate always-aesthetically appealing textures and hues- like our terrific friend turquoise- your ensemble possibilities will increase exponentially and we promise… your fashion-centered compliments will be positively correlated ;) As it gets colder, have some fun with the champion colors of the 2012 and keep your ears open regarding the next happy hue coming up on the catwalk! 



Brilliant Boo-Tique Baubles

There are just thirteen days until Halloween and even though the holiday falls on a Wednesday this year, we are still dedicated to doin’ it right. What does this involve you ask? Well, for the employees of a jewelry company, somewhere in the description most definitely mentions dawning hauntingly awesome accessories…

Each and every bauble from our Boo-Tique was designed and created in order to compliment your holiday ensembles spookily well!  Let’s be honest, no woman can deny a little extra eye candy so why not treat yourself with to an equally boo-tiful and bewitching Nissa gem? 

Although we never need a reason to stack on our colorful skull bracelets, the newly arrived autumn-take on the accessory gives us extra incentive to pile them on! Featuring fresh materials and embellished skeleton heads, the Skull Chains Bracelet is already one of the collection’s best sellers. It’s scary to think how frighteningly fashion-forward you’ll appear with your Halloween-inspired arm party!

There is absolutely no way you can look anything but wicked good when wearing a handmade holiday piece from our Boo-Tique so why not take a much deserved break on this bright Thursday morning and browse our newest collection! 



DIY: Fabric-wrapped Hoop Earring

Last night we took a much-needed trip up to the attic to find all of our packed away fall fashions and boy, was it an adventure.. perhaps adventure is an understatement. Does anyone else get a kick out of sifting through your old belongings? Those things that you just HAD to keep and now come across five years later and just wonder “why?”.
Well, while we found our bountiful supply of boots we also spotted our huge bin of fabric swatches and couldn’t resist perusing it. From our plethora of fabric scraps we were inspired to update a pair of our old hoop earrings that have been hibernating in the dark depths of our closet for far too long. Believe us- the 10 minutes you spend on this DIY will breathe a new life into your forgotten earrings! 

What you need:

  • a pair of old hoop earrings
  • fabric scraps
  • fabric glue
  • 2 small jump rings
  • 2 large jump rings
  • 2 ear wires



Nissa Jewelry here to make your Friday a little more fabulous:) We’ve teamed up with to get you, our fashion-forward followers, discounts to use in our online store! The coupons are applicable to each and every Nissa piece so why not indulge in that pair of earrings you’ve been eyeing all Summer;) Check out the deal here



Make sure you participate in our current contest and put yourself in the running to win a pair of our Casablanca earrings!

Make sure you participate in our current contest and put yourself in the running to win a pair of our Casablanca earrings!

Going for the gold!

Accessories Magazine has long been one of our go to publications for the latest and greatest additions to our ensembles and we were all smiles when we came across our Neha Triple Cuff in their cleverly named “Midas Touch” feature. Allow us to enlighten you to all things glimmery and gold in the August edition of the magazine… 





Nissa Jewelry at the Olympics!

We love when the Olympic games roll around every two years because there is always something exciting and inspiring to watch on television. We love it EVEN MORE when we turn on the tube and see our Fall Collection staring right back at us! Giuliana Rancic is looking lovely in London wearing our Drew Necklace and Seymour Bracelet as she offers commentary on the summer sports for E! Is it just us or does it look like our necklace was made to be worn while sipping out of those british-flag themed coffee mugs?! 


Appropriately ‘ringing’ in day 4 of the Olympics at the studio! 6 gold medals so far for America and many more to come:)

Appropriately ‘ringing’ in day 4 of the Olympics at the studio! 6 gold medals so far for America and many more to come:)





Look out for our lookbooks!

By now, you hopefully know that our newly remodeled website is home to many new additions. Not only does it feature our new Fall collection but also our colorful lookbooks have gone live! We had so much fun shooting some of our favorite summer pieces in unique locations around the city and we hope that the shots inspire you to stack up your arm parties and adorn yourself in our bold baubles:) There are currently four lookbooks for your browsing pleasure but stay tuned because each week we’ll be adding a new album! 

Urban Oasis: Inspired by the serene locations in the city that provide an escape from the constant clamoring and conversation.

Peachy Keen: Our longtime love of the juxtaposition of navy and peach led to these photos- complimented with glitzy and gold gems. 

Liberty Collection: Our time in the nation’s capitol inspired this group of jewels- perfect for showing off your American pride during the Olympic games commencing this weekend! 

Sahara Sunset:  The soaring summer temperatures led to this ‘desert’ themed photo shoot- complete with countless cactuses and their colorful flowers!